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I started writing music pretty much as soon as I started playing it. I got serious about songwriting in my teens (as only teenagers can) and when I poured the proceeds of my first bar job into a four-track tape recorder and a drum machine, I had it made. I could lay my ideas out track by track, playing everything myself, and see how the pieces fit together. Sure, the results might be unpredictable, but they were 100% mine.

Writing songs and recording home demos are still the things I enjoy most. I built this site to share some of the songs I’ve recorded over the years and post new tracks as I finish them. Please share, enjoy and generally spread the word, and, if you feel like it, send me your comments.

About David Greeves

I live in Cambridge, UK. I’m a freelance marketing copywriter and I sometimes write for Sound On Sound magazine. If you’re interested in either of those things, you can find my professional website at www.davidgreeves.com.

Photo: Richard Ecclestone