Back In Time (2015)

Recorded by Sam Inglis at Half Ton Studios

Hello, my love
Fancy seeing you
After all this time
It’s good to hear you’re keeping well
And me? You know, well me I’m just the same

But I’ve got a lot of
(I got nothing to do)
Demands on my time
(Time I’d rather spend with you)
And I’ve been too busy
(Busy feeling blue)
To keep you in mind
But you say the word and we’ll go back in time

I hope you mean that
When you say it’s good
Seeing me again
I really hope we can be friends
And maybe sometime we can meet again

Just to catch up
(To look you in the eye)
Just to say hi
(Just to hold your hand in mine)
I’ll ask how you’re doing
(You’ll be doing fine)
You’ll ask how am I
Then you’ll say the word and we’ll go back in time

It’s not as if
I should be the one
To apologise to you
Don’t you remember what you told me on that day
The day we said goodbye

That love is a jungle
(Deep and dark and cruel)
And there are no rules
(Well there never were with you)
And there is no mercy
(No, mercy wouldn’t do)
For my kind of fool
Still you say the word and I’d come back to you

Just to catch up
Just to say hi
Just pretend like
You’re just some friend of mine
Or just say the word and we’ll go back in time