Bang Bang (2008)

Such a carefree hello
Such a careless goodbye
And there’s no time to run
And there’s no place to hide

Just a look, just a smile
And I’m broken in two
And I don’t think you notice
The damage you do

It goes bang bang
My heart skips a beat
It goes bang bang
And I’m knocked of my feet
And I know that my poor heart will break
But bang bang, and it’s already too late

Such an innocent face
So calm and so still
And a pair of brown eyes
With a license to kill

I felt nothing at all
‘Til I realised it
Call a doctor
I think I’ve been hit


Are you just going to leave me
For dead on the ground?
Turn on your heel
Now that you’ve shot me down?

Do you feel no remorse?
Is this all just a game?
Won’t you pick me back up
And then do it again?