Cherry Blossom (2003)

I have to admit that I’m very fond of this song, for two reasons. Firstly, I think it sounds pretty good considering it was recorded on four-track cassette. Secondly, it was written around the time that I was finally figuring out that I could be sincere without being overly earnest, and write a sad song without being just plain depressing.

As a side note, I am (now) aware that cherry trees blossom in the spring, not the summer, but it must have sounded good at the time, and there’s certainly no changing it now.

Summer has arrived
The cherry tree’s in bloom
She left me in the springtime
I hope she comes back soon

She left me with the feeling
That she took me for a fool
I took her for the gentle kind
But she turned out so cruel

“I never want to hurt you”
Says this parody of virtue
That’s you

I’ll go to Paris
I’ll go to Rome
I’ll go to Timbuktu
If someone’ll give me a home

I’ll go to Paris
I’ll leave tonight
I’d swim across myself
For a woman who’d treat me right

That’s all I’m asking
Someone better than the last one
For me

I’m gonna hustle
I’m gonna flirt
With “Don’t make no fast moves”
Written on my t-shirt

I’m gonna hustle
I’ll cheat you too
But I’m gonna steal a kiss
Before the night is through

Cheery blossom on your cheek
So pink, so pure, so sweet
But every single time we meet
You make me feel so incomplete