Coming On (1999)

In 1999, I spent a good portion of my student loan on a second-hand pedal steel guitar, a Sho-Bud Maverick student model from the 1970s. I’d been obsessed with the pedal steel since the first time I heard ‘Out On The Weekend’ by Neil Young. I’d never even seen one in the flesh before, so when I stumbled across this one in a guitar shop a few days after my loan had come through, it was a clear sign that the Universe wanted me to possess it.

This was the first song I recorded with the steel, a sad song about being stuck in a bad relationship and lacking the will to finish it.

Just wasn’t right
An oversight on a weekday night
Not sure what was going on
I see what I want to see
And tell you what I think you want to hear
Is going on

Affection affected
Deception detected
Ain’t it funny how we carry on
I’d like to know just how
You’d like me to let you know
I can’t carry on

I feel like someone else
When you’re telling me about myself
I hear me telling you there’s nothing wrong
Betrayed the both of us
I’m lying ‘cos I must
“Don’t worry baby, no there’s nothing wrong”

Affection rejected
Mistaken, misdirected
Should’ve seen all this coming on