Fallen Snow (2001)

Backing vocals performed by Eleri Lynn

This song was a bit of a departure in style and composition from anything I’d written before, and it seemed to generate an immediate response from everyone I played it to. But it’s a fundamentally unhappy song and these days I can’t really muster the angst necessary to play it with any real conviction.

The production sounds a little dated to me (back in 2001, everyone was putting electronic beats under acoustic guitars and thinking themselves a genius) but I think the song is strong enough to survive it.

Living life so idly
The ideal seems so far from me
And that’s the only way it can be
So it will always be

All my dreams are low and base
They dare not show their face
I am based so far below
I hope you never now

‘Cos every time I thought that I
Was in love, I said goodbye
To everything, everything but love
And any time it turned out bad
I realised that what I had
Was anything, anything but love

I don’t push, I get carried along
I just hold on

All my dreams are base and low
Covered by the fallen snow
All my dreams you’ll never know
Hidden in the fallen snow

I talk so much, I can’t believe
That so much goes unsaid
Let the snow fall on my head
And melt my heart instead

I don’t push, I get carried along
I just hold on