Gong Song (2002)

Some relationships are only ever going to be brief and transitory, wrong turns or detours before getting back on the straight and narrow. But that knowledge doesn’t necessarily stop you wanting to put off the inevitable at the time or, later, wishing you could escape back into that time-out-of-time.
Space for a sofa
Room for a bed
Comfortable, she said
But she will open up the door
And welcome in the day
To blow the dust away
She’ll sweep it all away

Up in the rafters
Down in the mouth
Ain’t got the money
To stand about
Just waiting and hoping
Someone’ll come along
And bang me like a gong
Sing me like a song

She’d make me coffee
Upon the stove
She’d draw the curtains
Turn the lights low
And she could make me tremble
With a whisper in my ear
That every nerve could hear
Feeling her draw near

Now morning’s creeping in
And crawling ‘cross the room
I ought to leave
Before I’m swept out by the broom
But I’d stay here, and I would
If I could find a way
To keep the world at bay
I’d hide the day away