My Only Love (2013)

I wrote this song when my daughter was just a few months old and I was spending a lot of time pinned to the sofa with her asleep on me. On one hand it’s a sweet song about a parent’s overwhelming love for a child, but there’s also a lot of new-parent anxiety in there. Even in a perfect, peaceful moment part of you is terrified that any moment the sleeping baby will wake and something – everything – will go wrong.
Sleep tight, sweet heart
Dreaming your dreams
Lay your sweet head on the pillow of my chest
And rest

Don’t sleep too long
Don’t wake too soon
Don’t change a thing
Don’t you know you are my
Only only love?
You are my one and
Only only love

Beat little heart
(Won’t you go on beating)
Breathe little life
(Just you go on breathing)
Promise your dad
Promise it will always
Always be this way
Promise it will always be this way

Don’t grow too fast
(There’ll be time enough for that)
Don’t run too soon
(Won’t you stay just where you’re at)
Stay as you are
Oh you are my one and
Only only love
You are my one and
Only only love

You know you are my
Only only love
My one and only
Only only love