Grace (2015)

Recorded by Sam Inglis at Half Ton Studios

They lived out on the edge of town
A family known to be no good though no one could seem to name
The source of the shame
From one to another, passed on like the family name

Grace was her given name
As in grace of our saviour, our lord, our protector, our priest
Though she never believed
What hope of salvation for desperate sinners like these?

Daddy was a gambling man
She said, “You look like a gambler and gamblers are all the same
They never change
They’ll trade all their tomorrows for once chance at fortune and fame”

Well I am not a gambling man
But I’d wager a lifetime that we’d have a fine time somewhere
Other than here
So will you be my saviour and I your protector my dear?

She said, “Long as a live I will be
Shackled to no man, owned nor protected by none
But if you will come
And walk alongside me then let our journey be begun”