Without Love (2010)

I wrote this as the exit music for my wedding, to be performed by some friends. As such, it forms part of a set of wedding songs, alongside When Love Comes Calling and Where I’m Going.
The morning comes
And the sun it will rise
Straight as an arrow
True love flies

And when you feel sure about it
Then no one can doubt that’s how it is
There’s no doubt about it, you can’t live
Without love

I’d trade all my silver
For a band of gold
Let go of everything
Just to have your hand to hold

And I could tell you all about it
But you already know just how it is
You know that when you’ve found it, you can’t live
Without love

We are brand-new
A story yet to be told
I feel so young
Let’s get on and get old

And we’ll never be without it
And never wish it wasn’t how it is
No we’re never gonna live
Without love